AST Marine provides Marine Sludge and Waste Oily Water collection and disposal service for all kinds of vessels calling at ports in Malaysia. as well as assisting with the environmentally conscious disposal of fuel oil residues according to Port and I.M.O. regulations. We provide the best garbage and oil disposal services in the town.
Importantly AST Marine is also recognized by the Ministry of Environmental affairs for achieving anti-pollution operations at sea and ports. This authorization empowers AST Marine to perform tank cleaning and sludge disposal operations at a higher standard than any other companies Malaysia.
Upon completion of Marine sludge disposal operations an official state approved “Certificate of Disposal of Oil Residues” is awarded to the vessel by the local Maritime Safety Authorities to certify that such operations have been legally and successfully conducted.

AST Marine employs 50 permanent staff and recruits more qualified labour if the need arises. Our company has completed successfully hundreds of projects with a zero accident record on internationally owned vessel and a reference list is available upon request. The company is fully ensured with policies underwritten by the port authorities of Malaysia. Every operation and all involved labour are fully ensured.



AST Laundry services is the smart laundry solution to the shipping laundry needs. We provide affordable laundry service that is designed around the ships and its crew. Our clients love the quality, reliability and flexibility of our personalized laundry service over the regular, old wash & fold model available at Laundromats.

Our service will identify the washing requirements of each item of clothing and separate them by color, temperature, and degree of agitation. Then our professional staff can safely wash every load with a high-quality detergent, chlorine or all fabric bleach, and optional fabric softener. They will gently dry the clothes, and carefully fold anything that doesn’t need to be ironed, such as knit shirts, pants, or socks, for you to pick up at your convenience. Other services includes the ability to wash your drapes, area rugs, comforters, sleeping bags, sheets, and over-sized items in special large capacity washers. Also our coin laundry facility has the added convenience of professional dry cleaning for items that need to be pressed.

Unlike other laundry services, AST Laundry also offers the personalized, quality service clients want with the reliability and flexibility, all at an affordable price. Simply tell us your laundry and garment care preferences and will be delivered right to your door in 48 hours. Getting the laundry done has never been so easy! Take a load off, while we take Care of the Laundry!